Price For Visas and Emirates ID Increased By 100 AED, Confirms UAE Authority.

The UAE Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) has confirmed that their services will have an increase in price by 100 AED. This increase in fees will be applicable for Dubai visit visa or Dubai tourist visa, residence visas, and Emirates ID. This change has taken effect starting from January 19th, 2023 and will apply to all individuals applying for or renewing their Dubai visas and Emirates ID.

What is the purpose of Emirates ID

  • The Emirates ID is an essential document for all residents in the UAE, and it aids as a national identification card, as well as a residence permit. It is used for numerous purposes, such as making use of government services, opening new bank accounts, and doing financial transactions. Recently, the UAE immigration authority scrapped the visa stamping on passports for residents. This means that the Emirates ID will now serve as proof of residence for the ex-pats.

Choosing the Dubai visit visa that suits your travel

  • On the other hand, a Dubai visit visa or Dubai tourist visa is required for non-residents who wish to enter and stay in the UAE for a certain period of time. Dubai visit visa is issued to people who want to visit the country for tourism, business meetings or visiting family members. The type of Dubai visit visa you require will solely depend on your purpose of visit. Depending on it, you can choose from 7 days Dubai visit visa, 14 days Dubai visit visa, 30-day single entry visit visa, 60-day single entry visit visa, 30-day multiple entry visa, 60-day multiple entry visa, 60-day job seeker visa or a Dubai transit visa.
  • This is the latest in the chain of changes to the visa and residency system of the UAE. Previously, the UAE immigration authorities also scrapped the covid era rules. Renewing the Dubai visit visa without exiting the country is no longer an option as the pre-covid measures are now restored. Dubai visit visa holders will now have to exit the country to renew their visa and return with a new one.


  • The UAE government has announced a 100 AED increase in the fees for visit visas and Emirates ID. This change will go into effect on January 19, 2023, and will apply to anyone applying for or renewing a visa or Emirates ID.