Latest UAE Visa Rule Changes in 2022 Explained

What are the latest changes in the UAE visa system?

  • UAE's decision to rebuild its overall visa system has been implemented since October 2022. The new UAE visa rule changes provide a plethora of ways for people to come into the country without a host or sponsor. Visitors can choose the type of Dubai Visa they need according to their requirements. This will be a handy option for the expatriates to revisit the country.

What are the new possible entry permits into the UAE in 2022?

  • Visit Visa - The UAE Visit Visa duration will be extended to 60 days compared to the previous one, which was 30 days.
  • 5 years Multi-entry Tourist Visa - A five-year multi-entry tourist visa has been introduced in addition to the standard Dubai Tourist Visa, which the UAE travel organizations will sponsor. You can apply for a UAE Visa Online through a Dubai Visa Services provider.
  • The only requisite for this visa is that the claimant should have $4000 or an equivalent amount (when converted) 6 months prior to the application. Although this is an eagerly anticipated permit, there is a constraint of 180 days which cannot be exceeded.
  • UAE Job Seeker Visa - This visa will be granted to those who want to seek new employment opportunities in the UAE.
  • Entry permit to visit relatives or friends - If you have a friend or relative who is a country resident, you are open to applying for this permit.
  • Entry permit for study and training - If you want to attend a course or training, this is the one you need to apply for. You need to be sponsored by the particular university or institution you're going to cooperate with, given that they have a valid license. An offer letter regarding the same is also required.
  • Entry permit for a temporary work mission - If you have a temporary work assignment that requires only a short stay in the country, you should apply for this permit. A contract letter from the employer is required.
  • UAE Golden Visa - A-level students from prominent colleges, philanthropists, humanitarians, investors, and high-net-worth company owners are all eligible to apply for UAE Golden Visas. Applicants with this long-term UAE visa can stay in the UAE for an extended period and bring their dependent family members with them.
  • Green Visa - The UAE Green visa program seeks skilled workers, self-employed individuals, and freelancers with a specialized degree or a bachelor's degree with a minimum salary of AED 15000. Also, the skilled workers must present a valid employment contract to obtain this visa.

What are the new possible entry permits into the UAE in 2022?

As of 2022, there is a wide range of visit visa options for the visitor to choose from. You can apply for a Dubai Visa Online and get the visa seamlessly.

  • 7 Days Dubai Visa - The 7 Days Dubai Single Entry Visa is a short-term tourist visa to the UAE.
  • 14 Days Dubai Visa - The 14 Days Dubai Single Entry Visa is a short-term tourist visa to the UAE.
  • 30 Days Dubai Visa - This visa allows the visitor to stay in the country for a period of one month. The visitor can also choose from the two options of 30 Days Single Entry Dubai Visa and 30 days multiple entry Dubai visa.
  • 60 Days Dubai Visa - This is a long-term visa which allows a stay period of up to two months. The visitor can also choose the entry type required for the 60 Days UAE Visa - single entry or multiple entries.
  • Job Seeker Visa for Dubai - This is a visa granted to people looking for a job in the UAE.
  • Dubai Transit Visa - If you are transiting through Dubai and have a wait time of more than 8 hours in the airport, you can apply for a UAE Transit Visa and enter the country.
  • It is possible for the visitor to get a Dubai Tourist Visa Online seamlessly through e Dubai visa portal.


  • To summarize, the aforementioned new UAE Visa changes and revisions will benefit the UAE's ex-pat community while also making it simpler for visitors to visit the country. The UAE expects these visa changes to make the nation more desirable to foreign visitors.