UAE Introduces Family Group Option For The 5-Year Multiple Entry Visa

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has introduced a family group option while applying for a 5-year multiple entry tourist UAE visa. Before, people had to apply for each family member separately, consuming a lot of time to upload each document repeatedly. The new option simplifies the whole process, and the family members can now apply for this Dubai evisa online as a group. The new 5 year multiple entry visa for Dubai issued to the families will allow them to stay in the UAE for a maximum of 90 days at a time. If they wish to extend their stay, they can do so for another 90 days. However, the total stay for the year cannot be more than 180 days. This e visa to Dubai is a welcome change for families who frequently travel to the UAE, as it reduces the need to apply for a visa every time they visit. For example, instead of applying for a 30 days Dubai single entry visa or a 60 days UAE single entry visa each time they travel, families can apply for a single UAE visit visa valid for five years.

Documents required to apply for the 5-year e visa for Dubai

Families must submit the following documents with their Dubai online visa application to apply for this e Dubai visa.

  • A coloured photo taken against a white background
  • A copy of their passport
  • A valid return ticket
  • Bank statement for the past six months with a balance of $4000 or its equivalent.
  • Valid medical insurance approved in the UAE.

Is Health Insurance Mandatory For Every Entry With The 5-Year Multiple Entry Visa?

It's important to note that to obtain a tourist visa for Dubai, you must show proof that you have valid health insurance approved by the UAE government for yourself and your family members travelling with you. As this is a long-term UAE multiple entry visa , unlike other short-term visas such as the 14 days Dubai visa , you need to get new health insurance every time you visit UAE, and it should cover the entire duration of your stay. Having health insurance when applying for a Dubai visit visa online and travelling to the UAE is a must, and this requirement is strictly enforced.

Who Is This Visa Beneficial To?

This latest decision by the ICP covers almost all types of Dubai visa services , including Dubai tourist visas, golden visas, green visas, entry permits to visit relatives, etc. This is good news for families who need to travel to the UAE frequently, as they can now apply for a 5-year multiple-entry UAE visa rather than having to go through the visa application process every time they visit. In conclusion, the new family group option for a 5 year multiple entry UAE visa introduced by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship is a welcome change for families who frequently travel to the UAE. The simplified process of applying for a UAE visa as a group will save time and effort, and the 5-year validity of the visa will reduce the need to apply for a Dubai e-visa every time they visit. However, it's important to remember that valid health insurance approved by the UAE government is a must when applying for a UAE visa online, and this requirement should not be overlooked.