No More Visa Extension Without Exiting The Country

Inside-country Visa Extension Scrapped In The UAE

  • The United Arab Emirates has always been a popular destination for tourists as well as expats. To accommodate the increasing number of visitors, the visa policies of the country have been revised many times. Recent news suggests that the UAE immigration department has introduced a few new rules regarding the extension of UAE visit visa without leaving the country. As per the reports, inside-country visa extensions are discontinued, and the applications for the same are getting rejected.

What is The Impact of UAE's Visa Extension Changes on Expatriates and Employers?

  • During the pandemic, the UAE government eased the visa rules and allowed visitors to renew their UAE tourist visas without having to exit the country. This was done as a humanitarian concern so as to support the people who were stranded in the UAE when most of the countries had imposed travel restrictions.
  • This option was a life saviour for many. However, as the country has now returned to normalcy, UAE immigration has decided to scrap the inside-country Dubai visit visa extension option. Visitors who are already in the UAE on visit visas and want to extend their stay will now have to exit the country and apply for a new permit. Although this might sound like an inconvenience, there are a few options available for those who wish to extend their stay in the UAE. effect.

How To Extend Your Dubai Tourist Visa After the Visa Reforms?

  • Cost-efficient ways to do this is to travel to Oman by bus after making the arrangements for a new UAE visa from a top visa service provider in UAE, like eDubai Visa. You will also need a visa for Oman, and by the time you return, your UAE visa will have been processed. If you want to change your visa status, you can exit the country and re-enter with the changed visa once it gets approved.
  • This option is suitable for those who want to switch from a visit visa to a work visa or vice versa.
  • In case your visa is about to expire, it is suggested that you exit the country and apply for a new 30 days Dubai visa in order to avoid any complications from overstaying your visa.
  • The new rule applies to all nationalities with immediate effect. It is essential to keep oneself updated with the latest visa regulations and comply with them to avoid any inconvenience
  • The UAE has always been a welcoming country, and visitors must respect its laws and regulations.

In Conclusion

  • The UAE's decision to scrap the inside-country visa extension option might come as an inconvenience to some visitors. However, it is crucial to understand that the decision was taken to streamline the visa processes and ensure compliance with the country's laws and regulations. Visitors must abide by the new rules and Visa Services in Dubai and explore the various options available to them if they wish to extend their stay in the UAE. The country has a lot to offer, and we hope that visitors have a memorable experience exploring its wonders.