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Dubai Visit visa VISA
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Service Type Regular Visa-Single Entry

Processing Time 1-3 business days

Validity 60 days from date of issue

Stay Period 60 days from date of entry



Service Type Express Visa-Single Entry

Processing Time Within 24 hours

Validity 60 days from date of issue

Stay Period 60 days from date of entry

An Overview of 60 Days Dubai Single Entry Visa

  • A 60 Days Dubai visa allows you to stay for a longer period and fulfil your travel requirements without time constraints. The 60 days UAE single entry visa is valid for 60 days from the date of issue, and the duration of stay is 60 days in the UAE.
  • You can select the 60 days multiple-entry UAE visa option as well if you need to enter and exit the country more than once. a 30 days Dubai visa and 14 Days Dubai visit visa are also available if you want a short term visa to enter the UAE.
  • Let’s take a look at the 60 days UAE visa cost, processing time, requirements, and other details.

How Much Does a 60 Days Dubai Visit Visa Cost?

  • The price of a Dubai tourist visa varies according to the visa you choose. The 60 days visa Dubai price will depend upon the mode of visa you select. A regular 60 days single entry visa Dubai will cost you USD 445. A regular Dubai visa processing time for a 60 days visa to UAE is around 1-3 days, whereas the express visa will be processed within 24 hours. The express option of the 60-day Dubai visit visa price is around $515. If there is an emergency, it is advised to go for the express option instead of the regular one. The Dubai 24 hours visa price is greater than the price of regular Dubai 60 days visa because the visa procedures are completed in less than a day.

Documents Required for a 60 Days Tourist Visa Dubai

  • Digital copy of the applicant’s passport with a minimum validity of six months.
  • A coloured passport-size photograph of the applicant.

Applying for a 60 days Dubai Visa Online

You can apply for a 60 days UAE visit visa online, through e dubai visa, one of the top e.Dubai visa services providers in Dubai. Follow the steps to apply.

  • Open the eDubai visa 'Apply Now' page.
  • Choose the '60 days single entry Dubai visa' option from the 'Choose Your Visa' dropdown.
  • Fill in the required information and submit the form.
  • Proceed to the payment section, and enter your payment information to complete the payment.

Obtain Your 60 Days Single Entry UAE visa

  • After paying the UAE tourist visa fee, your 60 days single entry visa UAE application will be submitted successfully.
  • Upon approval, the visa will be sent to you via email or WhatsApp.

Related FAQs

The 60 Days dubai visa is valid for a period of 60 days from the date of entry.

Yes, there is 60 days tourist visa in UAE with both single entry and multiple entry options.

The grace period for all UAE visas are 10 days.

The processing time for a UAE visit visa 60 days takes almost 1-3 days, and less than 24 hours for the express visa.

Yes, you can travel anywhere in the UAE with a valid tourist visa during your stay in the country.

The Dubai visit visa cost for 60 days is $445 for a regular visa and $515 for an express visa.

The 60 days Dubai tourist visa is a long term visa with single-entry as well as multiple-entry options.

The single entry 30 days visit visa for UAE price may range from $215 to $285, while the single entry 60 days tourist visa UAE cost may vary from $445 to $515 AED (95 to 300 USD). Remember that the Dubai visa cost for 60 days may differ based on your country of residence, so it's best to check with the UAE embassy or consulate in your country for the latest information on visa fees.